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Making A Significant Contribution To Carbon Lowering

As installers, you are a key component of the carbon-neutral drive

It’s our mission to help our network of installers ensure their customers are able to access all the available help through ECO and other government funding. After all the benefit of this is reduced carbon emissions and reduced fuel bills. With ambitious targets for reaching net zero for carbon emissions by 2050 - meaning the total greenhouse gas emissions would be equal to the emissions removed from the atmosphere - the role of contractors in this is a massive one.

Helping you help your customers reduce their carbon

Every kilowatt hour less that your customers use means that they rely less and less on fossil fuels. The installation of energy-efficient measures to reduce home heating costs has a knock-on effect on carbon emissions.

A typical home solar PV system, for example, could save around 1 tonne of carbon per year from a single household. Add to the mix other measures such as insulation and the contribution your work is making to carbon emissions is significant. 

Typical Carbon Dioxide Savings from home insulation (kgCO2/year)





Detached bungalow

Loft insulation





Cavity wall insulation





Carbon reductions through a range of measures

Effective Energy Solutions helps installers contribute to carbon emissions reductions by facilitating access to energy efficiency measures and any available funding. If you provide services in these key home improvement sectors and are keen to make your contribution to lowering carbon emissions and helping households reduce their energy bills, we can assist.

Key services: