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Fast access for installers to ECO & other funding sources

Through Effective Energy Solutions' dedicated service for heating, insulation and renewables installers, we make funding access easy. We've streamlined the processes to ensure you get paid speedily and are able to concentrate on installing more energy saving measures.

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What is the Energy Company Obligation?

The government ECO Scheme (Energy Company Obligation) was first introduced in 2013. It requires larger energy companies to allocate a portion of their profits to help fund energy-efficient upgrades in UK homes and reduce carbon emissions.

ECO4, the latest iteration of the Energy Company Obligation, commenced in April 2022 and runs until 31st March 2026; it is intended to be accessible to a wider range of fuel poor households to ensure the least energy efficient homes receive greater support.

ECO funding provides significant opportunities for installers keen to provide the energy efficiency improvements that help households reduce their bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Whether you are an installer of insulation, solar and heating systems, we can help you navigate your way through the paperwork to ensure that your business is paid promptly for installing ECO measures. 

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What measures can ECO fund?

ECO4 is comprised entirely of a single obligation; to install energy-efficient measures to reduce home heating costs for low-income, fuel-poor and vulnerable people. The Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO) incorporates the upgrade of broken or inefficient heating systems, the installation of renewable heating systems and the retrofitting of insulation.

Measures that can be funded include:

Broken or inefficient boilers or electric storage heaters

Cavity wall insulation

Loft insulation

Solid wall insulation

Room in roof insulation

Underfloor insulation

Flat roof insulation

First time central heating

Solar PV

Heating controls

Air source heat pumps

Energising sustainable communities

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