Meet the team


From simplifying the submission process and responding to queries, to fast-tracking your access to funding, our expert team of ECO specialists are always on hand to make your working day easier.

James Garton

Operations Manager

James currently oversees the ECO Team, Quality Assurance Team and streamlines processes and procedures for our Retrofit Coordination Team. With a holistic view of all operations, he is responsible for keeping everything running smoothly, ensuring business objectives are achieved in each area and creating accurate progress reports.

Steve Golus

Retrofit Manager

Steve is a key point of contact in our Retrofit Coordination Department and is responsible for training and mentoring the Retrofit team. He also provides ongoing support to the ECO delivery team and liaises between the office manager, Retrofit Coordinators, administrators, customers and clients. In addition, Steve is in charge of onboarding new installation teams and provides a framework to monitor and assess the quality of work carried out.

Charlotte Martin

ECO Business Development Manager

Charlotte is responsible for the varied delivery of key partners, such as contractors, manufacturers, local authorities, and social housing providers. This includes overseeing the delivery of all contractor budgets, contractor quality, health and safety, and growing the contractor network. Charlotte’s priority is to ensure every customer and partner receives the highest levels of service.

Tamisha Clarkson

ECO Submissions Manager

Tamisha manages the ECO team at Effective Energy Solutions making sure we deliver our monthly LTS targets to the utility companies. This includes managing various sub-teams within the wider ECO team and providing the best services to the network of contractors who submit ECO measures to us. Day to day, Tamisha ensures we are on target to validate, query and submit any ECO measures within our timelines.

Laura Chrispin

Quality Assurance Team Leader

As quality assurance team leader, Laura’s role is to ensure that all areas of the business deemed at ‘risk’ are properly reviewed, and provide assurances that what we notify is accurate.

Sarah Walker

Assistant ECO Submissions Manager

Sarah is Assistant Manager to the ECO Team at Effective Energy, helping Tamisha to make sure we deliver on our targets. She also manages a subset of the ECO Team, which deals with contractor submission queries. It falls to Sarah to ensure the query team is hitting their deadlines and make sure we are on target to hit key utility deadlines.

Peter Brooke

Senior Business Development Manager

Peter builds, maintains and develops the Effective Energy installer network. This includes managing key account contracts and overseeing the work of the Effective BDM team He has sole responsibility for delivery of all ECO generated work.

Emily Machen

Project Manager

Emily is responsible for scheme delivery, ensuring projects run smoothly, reporting to key clients, bringing different entities together and having an overview of surveys, installs and compliance. She also manages the Boiler Supply scheme. This creates a cashflow advantage for contractors, minimises admin and gives them the option to claim boiler rebates. Emily additionally liaises with City Plumbing to provide nationwide service and deliver Ideal Logic or Worcester Greenstar boilers direct to installers.

Ben Walsh

Technical Monitoring and Health & Safety Inspector

This key role ensures the technical quality of each install is ‘to standard’. Ben is responsible for completing on-site inspections and reporting any non-compliance for remediation. He also oversees on-site Health & Safety inspections across the supply chain, to ensure installation teams are working to the same high standard.

Dan Graby


Dan joined Effective Energy in 2010 and is now responsible for the Effective Energy Solutions business. He has vast experience working under previous schemes, including CERT, CESP and ECO. Dan has overseen the entire process from incorporating contracting to funding and budget delivery, securing contracts and commercials, right through to supply chain management, health and safety and contract fulfilment. He started Effective Home (formerly Effective Heating) in 2017, which is currently transitioning from an ECO boiler installer to an installer of multi-product home energy efficiency solutions.