Are You a Social Housing Provider?

Under HHCRO, energy suppliers can deliver measures to social housing premises where they have an EPC energy efficiency rating of E, F or G.

The ECO2 Order as amended by the Electricity and Gas (Energy Company Obligation) (Amendment) Order 2018, requires the social landlord of the premises to confirm in writing that the premises meet the various requirements under this provision.

Eligible measure under this category include:

a) insulation measures,
b) demonstration actions,
c) innovation measures, or
d) first time central heating systems (including renewable central heating) and first time district heating connections. (FTCH)

For FTCH measures, at no point prior to the installation can the property have had:
a) a central heating system (including renewable central heating)
b) a connection to a district heating system, or
c) immediately prior to the installation, contain a working, efficient electric storage heater that is not broken down or has a responsiveness of greater than 0.2 when assessed against SAP.

Visit ​Ofgem​ to download the declaration.