Market Updates

There are two key dates coming up regarding TrustMark deadlines.

The TrustMark 2-year Workmanship Guarantee

With effect from 1st January 2020, the TrustMark Framework Operating Requirements state that all installations, as a minimum, must provide two years of financial protection cover and be approved by TrustMark. To help everyone to fulfil this requirement, TrustMark has agreed a transitional period from 1st January 2020 to 31st March 2020.

During this transitional period, the 3 points below will apply:

  1. The TrustMark requirement for a minimum 2-year financial protection may be covered by appropriate financial protection mechanisms or a combination of product guarantee and installer warranty/guarantee which are for a duration of 2-years but are not TrustMark approved, from 1st January 2020 up until 31st March 2020.
  2. Measures currently with one-year protection can simply be extended to cover two years, as above. Please note that boiler installations will need to adhere to the regulatory requirements of two years w.e.f. 1st January 2020.
  3. For RIRI and UFI measures, a 2-year guarantee which is not TrustMark approved (as stated in points 1 and 2) will be sufficient up until the end of the transitional period.

The TrustMark 25-year Workmanship Guarantee

On 1st July 2020, the 25-year requirement will become mandatory however, from 1st April to 30th June the TrustMark requirement for a 2-year guarantee will be sufficient.

Please note that existing requirements for other measures remain unchanged.

Keep checking back to hear about any other market updates. For more information visit the TrustMark website here.