Local Authorities

What is LA Flex?

Local Authority Flexible Eligibility was introduced to the ECO scheme to reach those people who are most vulnerable to the cost of heating their home, but aren’t eligible for funding due to not being in receipt of and eligible HHCRO Benefit.

An LA Flex measure is one that is delivered to private domestic premises where it can be demonstrated to Ofgem via the use of a statement of intent and local authority declaration that the households listed in the declarations are either:

a) living in fuel poverty
b) living on a low income and vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold home, or
c) non-fuel poor but located in an immediately adjacent building to, in the same building as, or in the same terrace as households identified by a Local Authority as Fuel Poor or Low Income and Vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold home. (This is only applicable for Solid Wall measures)

Publish a Statement of Intent

Prior to making Local Authority (LA) declarations, an LA must produce a Statement of intent (SoI) regarding its delivery of the ECO flexible eligibility provision. This SoI should be publicly available (eg published on an LA’s website) so that it can be easily accessed by interested parties. LAs are responsible for ensuring the Sol is accurately numbered and dated to allow for clear distinction from previous versions. The LAs must ensure all published versions of the SoI remain available for viewing. All previous versions of the SoI should be marked ‘withdrawn/superseded’ and dated accordingly.

For guidance on how to produce a SoI and what you would need to include within it please contact us and we can assist you in doing this.

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