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Qualify For The Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) With Effective Energy Solutions

Learn more about GBIS for landlords and local authorities

Could Effective Energy Solutions help you with GBIS applications for local authorities, landlords, and social housing? If you’re looking to help your residents upgrade the EPC ratings of their homes with a free or discounted insulation measure through the scheme, then we could help.

How low or no insulation could be affecting your housing stock and residents

Poor quality, low levels, or simply no insulation can greatly affect your houses and residents. It opens the door to mould, mildew, and other damp issues, making your houses more uncomfortable for your tenants and potentially compromising the quality of your housing stock. The solution to this problem could be as simple as investing in new insulation to help homes retain their heat for longer, reduce energy bills, and increase their EPC ratings. GBIS can help.

What is GBIS?

government-funded initiative designed to support households on low incomes to upgrade their home’s EPC ratings – and along with it, their own comfort levels – with insulation for less. In some cases, depending on the insulation measure decided upon and the circumstances of the tenant, this upgrade could even be free. 


The UK government has a legally binding target of reaching Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. One way of doing this is by improving old or ageing housing stock, which produces far more carbon emissions than others because of their poor insulation meaning residents have to heat their homes to higher degrees for even longer. By offering funding for insulation measures to houses and households that qualify, GBIS can help reduce the UK’s carbon emissions significantly.

How does GBIS work?

As a local authority, manager of a social housing group, or landlord, you are able to encourage your tenants to apply for the scheme to help upgrade your housing stock – provided both your houses and your tenants meet the relevant eligibility criteria. 

Typically, the criteria are based on household income (below £31,000), the receipt of free school meals for children, the receipt of means-tested benefits, and/or the EPC rating of their home being E or below. 

At Effective Energy Solutions, we’re qualified to deliver GBIS on the government’s behalf, as certified installers. That means we can help landlords, local authorities, and social housing groups deliver GBIS on a wide scale to as many of their houses as qualify. 

The work we carry out is usually paid in full through the scheme, but in any case, where the cost of the full insulation measure isn’t covered by the scheme, your tenant is usually responsible for the rest of the bill – which will be greatly reduced thanks to the scheme’s support.

Who does GBIS help?

  • Residents: Of course, the first people who benefit from the scheme are your residents who will enjoy far lower energy bills and a much more comfortable home – all for free, or a fraction of the cost of insulation. Insulation measures typically last for around 25 years, meaning your residents could benefit from the scheme for years to come. 


  • You: Protecting your housing stock as a local authority, landlord, or social housing manager is vital. By improving the insulation in your homes, you’ll protect them for longer and reduce their carbon emissions. All at no cost to yourself (although you can cover your tenants’ cost if the scheme doesn’t cover the full cost – but that’s entirely your decision to make). 


  • Environment: Whilst it’s last on our list of those that benefit from GBIS, there’s no denying that the environment is probably the biggest beneficiary of them all. At Max Energy improving the environment and reducing the nation’s carbon emissions is important to us – so much so that our business is built on energy efficiency measures. Join us as we improve the environment one insulation measure at a time. 

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